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portrait of artist Carlos Carmonamedina

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b. Comarca Lagunera, Mexico. Lives and works in Washington, DC — I am a visual artist and graphic designer with a passion for illustration, print and social media.

My ongoing postcard project, DC is my City, chronicles life in the District. It started in 2016 and it has been featured on several media and exhibitions.

In 2018, The National Trust for Historic Preservation included me on its inaugural “40 under 40: People saving Places” list, celebrating creators who expand the nation’s view. The list celebrates creators who are expanding our nation’s view of what it means to save places and tell America’s full history.

My almost naïve excitement to understand the unknown has taken me on a series of incredible journeys full of welcome contrasts. Led by circumstance and fortune, I use my art to establish the familiarity of home in strange lands. Through my experimental narratives – drawings, animations, digital records – I situate and stretch the limits of my reality.

In these wanderings I have learned to blur the borders between art and life. Dislocated, the spaces and materials that form my creative encounter make the final product especially contingent upon the process. I have become adept at experimenting and improvising; I play with mediums in ways that may appear exaggerated or even cynical.

I welcome inquiries regarding freelance or collaborative work and original art sales.