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b. Comarca Lagunera, 1982. Lives and works in Washington, DC — My almost naïve excitement to understand the unknown has taken me on a series of incredible journeys full of welcome contrasts. Led by circumstance and fortune, I use my art to establish the familiarity of home in strange lands. Through my experimental narratives – drawings, animations, digital records – I situate and stretch the limits of my reality.

In these wanderings I have learned to blur the borders between art and life. Dislocated, the spaces and materials that form my creative encounter make the final product especially contingent upon the process. I have become adept at experimenting and improvising; I play with mediums in ways that may appear exaggerated or even cynical.

Currently, I’m in charge of the MAZIPOS project of itinerant exhibitions and I collaborate closely with Periférne Centrá. I have curated several shows and taken part in numerous exhibitions and residencies. I welcome inquiries regarding freelance or collaborative work and original art sales.