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Snowfight at Meridian Hill / Malcom-X Park [#2]

Are you still resentful over the long Thursday commute back home and the city’s terrible response? The shoveling (oh, the shoveling), your car buried in snow, the mad surge for bread and eggs.

How will we remember the blizzard?

What Snowzilla 2016 has left etched in my mind are the common, simple moments that accompanied this extraordinary event.

Last weekend, Washington DC turned into a little village. People came out on the streets to be present, to talk to each other and cheer on children sliding down impromptu tracks on snowed-over front lawns and church steps. And the snow fights! This week’s postcard shows a bit of all that collective effervescence at Meridian Hill / Malcom X park, where crowds gathered to witness the snow day, and the elegant Joan of Arc statue, the only equestrian statue of a woman in Washington D.C., watched over us all.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you zoom in enough, you can see how dirty my scanner is.


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