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Neighbors Making their Way Down the Snow in an Adams Morgan Side Street [#3]

Things slowed down a bit this week in DC, but we made it work. The big snow fortresses have turned grey or melted, exposing curbside christmas trees, bicycles, and other hidden treasures.

OPM told us to stay home, at WMATA inadvertently encouraged it.  But a few brave ones dared to explore outside, treading carefully down the urban labyrinths carved out by inconsistent shoveling.

This week’s postcard features neighbors making their way down an Adams Morgan side street, each according to her ability, each according to her need. In the back you can see the faded mural ‘Cows on a Bycicle’ painted by Sara Lee Terrat in a wall on Chaplain st. The mural sparked a community legal brouhaha in the 90s, shortly after it was painted.

[Robin] Stallings, owner of City Bikes, was issued a $500 ticket for the bike-riding cows painted on the building that sits between his bike shop and a neighbor’s ice cream store. When he challenged the ticket yesterday at a hearing with the city’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, he offered proof of the cows’ many supporters.

More than 300 people signed a petition saying they “regard the Adams-Morgan Cow Mural as a valuable artistic contribution to our neighborhood.” They said it adds an ambiance that should be encouraged, not squelched.

NYTimes remembers:

Robin Stallings, the founder of City Bikes, had plans for a mural when he bought an abandoned gas station and transformed it into a thriving bike store. He also bought the building next door and rented it to Ben & Jerry’s, with a requirement that the ice-cream shop pay for a mural. Ben & Jerry’s commissioned an employee, Sara Lee Terrat, a young artist, to develop a design that had to incorporate elements from both businesses.