Design & Illustration

Gravelly Point [#34]

The brilliance of the setting sun lingers on the horizon, ensanguining the skies above two children and their grandpa. They watch the planes perform their dance: a graceful turn into position before soaring up, up, and away, a race towards an unknown destination. The old man recalls a summer sunset in this same spot no so long ago – only a lifetime.

Gravelly Point holds a magic without equal. Its open space and privileged position next to Reagan National Airport makes it a favorite among families and plane enthusiasts. While technically not in Washington DC but in Arlington, I, by the power of good taste conferred in me, claim Gravelly Point as our own, and reject the wicked proposition to rename it Nancy Reagan Memorial Park.

This week’s illustration celebrates Labor Day and Grandparents’ Day, terrific excuses to enjoy both loved ones and the great outdoors!

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