Design & Illustration

Fort Reno [#37]

The AC is finally off and you discover that sadly, moths have been feasting on your sweaters all summer. Trees are starting to show off their golden hues and moms are covering up their little ones before they go out to play.

In this week’s illustration, fall hits Fort Reno, the highest point in Washington DC. Originally built in 1861, this Tenleytown monument was once the city’s largest and strongest defense. Later, it harbored freed slaves and eventually became a water reservoir. In more recent years it has served as a backdrop for summer concerts, and features one of the city’s greatest urban legends: back in 2000, Fugazi performed there amid an imminent thunderstorm – then, right at the climactic point, drums paused, lightning lit the sky and roared close behind them. To the public’s delight, nature repeated this exact performance the following year.


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