Design & Illustration

Christmas trees at New Hampshire Ave [#1]

I recently moved to DC and I can barely hide my excitement to live in such a great city. Motivated by my enthusiasm, I started sketching scenes on the streets, which they developed into small projects that I couldn’t just leave in my sketchbooks… so I decided to start a new project: During one year I’m going to produce one ‘postcard’ weekly that will represent the contrasting life on Washington DC. I started to call it ‘Postcards from Washington DC’.

This is not intended to be the average cute landmark picture, but rather a personal view as a foreigner… a way to discover hidden places at the same time that I try to engage with the local community.

The first image I made to start the series was a post-Christmas scene. As January advances, our eyes get used to what it looks like a pine massacre. This is what the DC department of Public works says in its website:

DPW thanks residents for their patience with leaf and holiday tree collections, which may be affected by snow/ice events. The leaf collection crews are the backbone of the District’s snow removal force so when a snow or ice event is predicted they switch from leaf collections to snow fighting.

Holiday trees and greenery will be collected between December 26 and January 8 and will be composted.

I guess they are waiting until the snow comes then.

The image is from a sketch I did in New Hampshire Av, although I stretched a bit the perspective for artistic purposes.